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Pupil Survey


Twice a year children at DJPA are given the opportunity to share their views on our school.

We use a Google form shared via Google classroom to complete the survey in school time.

Our pupil survey questions:

Do you like being at DJPA?

Do you feel safe at DJPA?

Do you talk about your learning with your teacher?

Does your teacher’s feedback and marking help you make your work better?

Do teaching assistants help you when you are stuck?

Do your lessons challenge you?

Do you enjoy your project and wider curriculum lessons?

Does your teacher hear you read your home reading book?

Do you know your writing target?

Do you feel teaching helps you get better at reading, writing and maths?

Is behaviour good in your lessons?

Is behaviour good on your playground?

Does your homework help you progress in your learning?

Do all adults listen to you and your ideas?

Are you trusted to do things on your own?

Do you know the school values?

Can you tick the 4 British values below?

How could your school environment be improved?

having dance lessons

a tennis court

less litter

trampolines in the playground

more play equipment

bigger lockers

can we bring in roller skates?

video gaming club

bike store at Upper

nothing because they are all kind and caring

When asked 'How could your school environment be improved?' our children said:

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