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At Dame Janet Primary Academy, we have adopted the Mathematics Mastery approach to teaching maths. 

We value the importance of children acquiring a wide base of mathematical language to broaden and deepen understanding of mathematical concepts.

We recognise that reasoning is a strong thread that is vitally woven through our curriculum; our children are given daily opportunities to reason particularly through their discussions with peers and adults.  

We value the research that shows Mathematics Mastery allows children to develop a deep understanding of mathematics concepts. 

Maths curriculum

In the document below you will find more information about the maths curriculum we follow at Dame Janet.


Information relating to specific year groups can be found on the following page numbers:

Year 1: p.11-22

Year 2: p.23- 35

Year 3: p.36 - 45

Year 4: p.46-56

Year 5&6: p.57-74

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