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If your child is not at school, they cannot benefit from all the fantastic opportunities we offer.

We take absence very seriously, and will be focusing on all children whose attendance falls below the National Target of 96%.


Your child needs to attend school every day, and should be in their class by 8.50am, ready for registration at 9.00am. 

Lateness causes disruption to the class, and embarrassment to the child who is late. 

You should make every effort to get your child to school, even with a minor illness.  We will always contact you if your child’s health deteriorates.  Please make sure we have at least 2 up-to-date contact numbers for you – we need to be able to call you in an emergency.

If your child is unwell enough to be absent from school, you must phone on 01843 591807, or text on 07741 634004 , by 9.00 am on each and every day of absence.

We celebrate good attendance in our weekly assemblies. If a whole class has 100% attendance for that week, they will have a “non-uniform day” the following Monday. 

There are 175 non-school days each year for holidays, shopping and appointments. 

There is no need, except in extreme circumstances, for your child to miss a day’s education. If your child misses one session in a

week (remember each school day has two sessions), their attendance at the end of the year will be 90%.

This means they will have missed 19 days of learning.

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