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Mr Atkinson - Executive Headteacher

Mrs Sherwin - Head of School

Mrs Bradbury - Deputy Headteacher

Miss Dear - SENCO  

Mr More - Business Manager

Mrs Furner -  EYFS Leader 

Miss Lawrence - Lead DSL + Newlands

Mrs Herd - DSL for Looked After Children

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Stupples

Mrs Hutley 

Mrs Shayler

Mr Stokes

Teaching Staff

Shorty’s Nursery

Miss Anderson


Mrs Owens, Mrs Balasa

Year 1

Mrs Furner, Miss Gilbert

Year 2

Miss Howard, Miss Storey

Year 3

Mrs Evans, Miss McGrath

Year 4

Mrs Kenney, Mrs Bailey

Year 5

Miss Raymonde, Mr Stow

Year 6

Miss Stupples, Mrs Hutley

Additional teacher

Mrs Crine

Classroom Support Staff

Shorty’s Nursery

Mrs Robson, Miss Hayden


Miss Powell, Mrs Tilley, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Blay

Year 1

Miss Cooper, Mrs Pearce

Year 2

Mrs Corker-Rees, Mrs Spencer, Mrs Chatfield

Year 3

Mrs Solly, Ms Dean, Mrs Brown, Mrs Parris

Year 4

Ms Taylor, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Amos

Year 5

Miss E Lloyd-Sayer, Mr Hillier

Year 6

Miss Cleaver, Miss Jefferson

Whole Academy Support Staff

Admin/Finance Team

Mrs Walker, Miss Manning, Mrs Gower, Mrs Collins, Mrs Shayler

Marketing Manager

Mrs Wood

Behaviour Mentor

Mrs Driscoll

DSL Support

Mrs Lamprell

SEN Support/ Phonics

Mrs Shayler

Speech & Language

Miss Court

Premises Team

Mr Pettit, Mr Humphrys

Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Boutwood, Mrs McCann, Mrs Arnold, Ms Porter, Mrs Jenkins, Ms Smith

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Bass, Mrs Bonny, Mrs Boutwood, Mrs Smith, Ms Smith, Ms SmithMrs May, Ms Sommerford

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