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At Dame Janet Primary Academy, it is our desire to equip our children with the skills and confidence to explore science throughout their education and on into their adult lives.

Our first aim is to provide our children with scientific enquiry skills. We want our children to be confident to question, criticise and explore. Our science lessons give our children the opportunities to ask questions, make predictions, conduct experiments, make observations and comparisons, record findings and make conclusions.


Each of these aspects are developed in each year of their education building on prior skills. Our children’s progress is tracked across their primary education, allowing lessons to be tailored to the precise needs of the children.

Our second aim is to provide our children with a deep understanding and thorough subject knowledge of biological, chemical and physical processes.

We aim to achieve this by providing memorable practical investigations, demonstrations and problem solving opportunities throughout Early Years, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. This embeds and builds on their scientific knowledge and broadens their scientific vocabulary. 

Our cross-curricular approach to teaching allows our children to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to solve problems in real-life situations.

We provide our children with the opportunities for them to see and explore for themselves so that throughout their lives they can continue to explore and learn about the world they live in.

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