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After School Clubs


A major strength of our school is our commitment to providing a huge variety of extracurricular activities, enabling your child to develop a wide range of skills not normally presented in the curriculum.

Throughout their time with us children can choose from a wide selection of after school clubs, including, football, Lego, mindfulness, art and homework club to name but a few!

This Term's After School Clubs are:

Years R-2

Monday: Construction 
Monday: Mindfulness 
Monday: Book club 

Tuesday: Multi-skills

Tuesday: Drawing

Tuesday: Sensory

Thursday: Puzzle

Thursday: Singing & dancing


Years 3-6

Monday: Girls Football

Monday: Painting

Monday: Film Club 

Monday: Puzzle Club 

Tuesday: Times Table
Tuesday: Drawing 
Tuesday: Lego

Wednesday: Multi-skills 

Thursday: Singing
Thursday: Football 
Thursday: Quiz
Thursday: Board games 
Thursday: Art club 

If you are interested in our after school clubs please contact the main office on to find out what is currently available.

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