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About Us


'Readers for life, Leaders in life’

Welcome to Dame Janet, we use our school values to help our children to be the best version of themselves and better learners.

Our school values are:

· Determination- We never give up


· Joy- We are happiest when learning


· Pride- We take pleasure in our achievements


· Achievement- We learn and succeed with effort, skill and courage

Serving the children of Ramsgate on two sites, with a thriving forest school and plenty of other outdoor learning opportunities, Dame Janet is a GOOD school really worth finding out more about.

Children enjoy a challenging but fun curriculum that prepares them well.

From their earliest days to their last in Year Six, the children make good progress and experience imaginative ‘hands on’ topics that they have helped to shape.

Children have travelled through time, been to outer space, explored the wonders of the ancient world and fought off monsters in the guise of superheroes; all the while using a range of technology and experiencing learning in different environments.

Dame Janet is a good school for everyone.

Our provision and our focus on personal development and welfare is outstanding. Supportive and skilled staff nurture and develop children to find what they are excellent at - whether it’s in the classroom, on the sports field, as an artist or as an actor.

The whole school is passionately committed to giving pupils a wide range of real-life and enriching experiences and through these the children have gone off to the secondary school of their choice prepared and ready to grow and keep learning.

If you would like to find out more about the school and its work, then please visit or follow us on Facebook or Instagram @Damejanetprimary2013


​Mrs Gemma Sherwin (Head of School)

Mr Sam Atkinson (Executive Headteacher)

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