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The Battle Continues...

We had another fantastic session again last Thursday 1st Feb.

Once again we started off with some warm up games to get us focused and ready for Shakespeare.

We passed the clap and Buzzy Bee-d (Darcy did a great job of being a "Darcy" when it came to acting out something being with "D"!)

Then we dove back into the world of Macbeth! Miss Bole and myself had decided to give something different a whirl while we are awaiting the finished script from our Associate Schools group.

We found on the BBC website a brilliant version of Macbeth suitable for KS2 that had been turned into an 8 song musical that we thought we could try.

At first I wasn't sure that the group would like it but my expectation was soon proved wrong when everyone seemed to love it.

The song was a modern sounding Hip-hop rock style battle song, describing the opening scene where King Duncan's Scottish army are taking on the Norwegian rebels.

Following the tutorial, we split into 2 groups (the King's men and the Rebels) and smashed it, even getting out some drums to help with the beat!

We ended the session with a drama activity where each member walked around the space and took on the character of either a King's man or a Rebel, the way they walked around the space would indicate which character they were. Triumphant or defeated! (or nearly dead).

Following the success of the "Sonic Battle" song and the reaction to it, we have decided to continue looking at Macbeth using these songs to help us and may even plan a performance to the school using them!

The website containing all the songs for this musical version of Macbeth is here:

See you next time!

The Rebels

The King's Men


Not so victorious!

Injured? (You look a little too happy Guilia!)

The King's Men celebrate!

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