At the core of Dame Janet Primary Academy, we have 4 values: determination, joy, pride and achievement.

We aim for every child to leave Dame Janet with a positive outlook for the rest of their education; a determined approach to the challenges that they may face; a sense of pride of their own individual achievements and success in their own right.

At Dame Janet Primary Academy, our children are at the heart of everything.

Teachers create stimulating learning experiences which provide purpose; these experiences work towards our goal of creating learners for life.



We understand the importance of a curriculum being broad and balanced; one which encompasses a range of skills and progressively builds knowledge ready to apply at home, school and the wider community.

The socioeconomic climate in the Newington area is a driving force behind the following factors which underpin our curriculum:

· Enabling children to become resilient, resourceful and successful learners who are self-motivated to achieve

· Encouraging and equipping children to become curious learners who have a thirst for new knowledge and building the learning pathways to succeed.



At Dame Janet, we have a curriculum that has been mapped out so that it is sequential and progressive.

Within maths and English, teachers have the flexibility to choose the direction of their program of study for their year group based on teacher assessment and gap analysis. Monitoring ensures that the curriculum as a whole remains broad and balanced.

Planning and assessment are closely linked to ensure children achieve. The curriculum has been designed so it offers enrichment experiences that allow pupils to develop resilience, resourcefulness and achieve success despite a number of external barriers.

We are also very proud of the school’s Forest School provision which aims to address these gaps. We have understood for many years that cultural deprivation is a sizeable obstacle to the development of our pupils so we address it through a wide range of learning opportunities such as being an RSC partnership school in order to develop cultural capital.


The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum throughout its key stages. All statutory requirements are met by the school’s curriculum as it is based upon the National Curriculum. The school’s Read, Lead, Succeed pedagogy creates a whole school reading ethos which builds on the early in-depth teaching of phonics and early reading skills which will lead to fluency and independent reading in KS2.



We recognise that every child at Dame Janet has their own strengths and we ensure that every child receives concise and easy-to-understand feedback in order to continually strive for their very best. We track every child’s progress in all curriculum areas – core and foundation.


Should you require further information about the curriculum offered at Dame Janet Primary, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Main School Office.

Wider Curriculum year group overviews

Maths curriculum maps

In the document below you will find more information about the maths curriculum we follow at Dame Janet.

Information relating to specific year groups can be found on the following page numbers:

Year 1: p.11-22

Year 2: p.23- 35

Year 3: p.36 - 45

Year 4: p.46-56

Year 5&6: p.57-74