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The Eco-warriors work together to decrease our school’s carbon footprint, improve awareness of environmental issues and

help us to attain Eco-school’s status.

The committee is made up of one child from each class from year 1 upwards and adults who are well placed to help the kids meet their aims.

Mrs. Balasa is our Eco-warrior coordinator, and holds weekly meetings on the Upper and Lower school site.

Each Class throughout the school has an Eco-warrior representative who keeps the rest of their class involved and is a contact point for any suggestions.

Our adult Eco-warriors are:

Mrs. Balasa - Eco-warrior Coordinator​

Simon Marshall - Head of School

Daniel More - Executive Business Manager

Terry Humphries - Caretaker

Bill Hammond - Parent Governor

If you would like any more information about our Eco-warrior’s scheme, would like to suggest an area in need of a litter pick or feel you might be able to help our Eco-warriors achieve their aims please get in touch with Mrs. Balasa via the main office.

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