For each year group there are six age-related ‘bands’, the aim is that pupils will progress through these throughout the year to reach the ‘end of year expectations’ for their year group.

In Nursery and Reception your child will be given an attainment level, this shows their current age in relation to expectation.

For example: 30-50b means your child is beginning to work at an age range of 30-50 months. By the end of reception children should reach a good level of development (Expected).

The bands that children will be tracked through include beginning, beginning +, within, within +, secure and secure +


Below age expected (Beginning) — Yet to be secure in the end of year expectations.


At age expected (Within) — Secure in the majority of the end of year expectations.


Exceeding age expected (Secure) — Secure in almost all or all the end of year expectations and is able to use and apply their knowledge and skills confidently.


Children achieving the ‘Expected’ Level at the end of any academic year are ready to start the age-related Programme of Study for the following Year and therefore are likely to be tracked through the Exceeding bands of the previous year group in Term 1 and 2, beginning bands in the Term 3 and 4 and Expected bands in Term 5 and 6 if they have made at least expected progress.

If you have any questions or worries about your child’s progress or current attainment, then please speak to the class teacher.


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